Personal Narrative #5

Maddie Williams, D Block

For my personal narrative, I thought about one of my favorite plays, Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka, and about the scene that Adele and I did during the end of theatre class last year. In thinking about the scene, even though I know that neutral mask is not an acting technique, I realized that using concepts from our activities in class and doing the scene in mask would be really cool in a performance of the scene with Persephone and Eurydice.

Thinking back to our performance space in the Atrium, the power of the gaze would be so interesting the way we blocked our scene. Because I was on a lower level looking up at Adele, who entered from the top of the stairs, we could have held the gaze for a long period of time, which I think would have been really effective if we weren't talking at all.

Using the baton when Adele and I approached each other would also have been really intense. If we had both had one hand on each end of the baton, and shifted the way the baton was pointing as we each told our side of the story, it would have been very visually interesting. The baton could have represented the power shifts as I "talked down" to Adele, while she fought back while telling her story about her life with Orpheus.

Lastly, I think that the copycat activity would have been so cool at the end of the scene. With the line that Persephone says- little girl i know you./i know you like i know myself- we could have done so much with physically copying each other and doing similar movements, even though there is an obvious difference between the two characters. I would love to perform the scene with Adele again in mask and see how the unit has influenced the way we perform the scene.