Government and Public Administration

Health Inspector:

  • Health inspectors try to make sure people stay healthy and safe.
  • They ensure regulations are followed regarding sanitation, pollution control, the handling and storage of hazardous substances, and workplace safety.
  • Inspectors are also called environmental health specialists, environmental health officers or sanitarians. They investigate and help to correct health hazards.
Health inspectors have to make sure that people in restaurants have good food and clean stuff so the people will be safe from harmful stuff

Emergency Management Specialist

Emergency Management Specialist:

  1. Develops and implements training procedures and strategies for radio-logical protection, detection, and decontamination.
  2. Collaborates with other officials to prepare and analyze damage assessments following disasters or emergencies.
  3. Trains local groups in the preparation of long-term plans that are compatible with federal and state plans.

Supervisor of Elections

Supervisor of Elections:

  • A supervisor of elections is the person who oversees the electoral process in the county or state.
  • These election officials work to ensure that fair elections take place. They are responsible for maintaining voter registration rolls, conducting county, state, and national elections and supervising absentee voting.
  • Election officials are required to be non-partisan. That means that they may not be affiliated with any political party involved in the elections.