Health Tackk

Aaron Walechka

Adult/child CPR

1.Check the scene 2.Check the patient 3.Activate EMS-call 911 4.Do 30 compressions at 100 compressions per min. and go 2 inches into chest for adults and 1/3 for children 5.Open airway and give 2 breaths 6.If they are still unresponsive restart from step 4

Infant CPR

1.Do step 1-3 of adult/child CPR 2.Do 30 compressions at 100 compressions per min. and go 1/3 inches into chest 3.Open airway and give 2 breaths 4.If still unconscious restart from step 2

Adult/child conscious choking

1.Ask "Are you choking" if they can't respawn treat patient 2.Activating EMS 3.stand behind patient with one foot in-between there feet 4.Put flat side of fist on there belly button 5.Administer abdominal thrusts, pulling inward and upward until it comes out or goes unconscious

Infant conscous choking

1.Check if they can respawn, if they can't cry or breath treat patient and activate EMS 2.Support face and place body on forearm 2.Keep head lower than feet 3.Do 5 back blows between shoulder blades with palm of hand 4.Support head and to other forearm and give chest thrusts 5.If still choking restart from step 3 or goes unconscious

Adult/child/infant unconscious choking

1.Lower patient to ground 2.Activate EMS 3.Give 30 chest compression 4. Open and check airway if something there remove with finger sweep, use pinky for infant 5.Give 2 breath if they don't go in repeat step 3-5


1.Turn on AED 2.Bare chest, dry off if wet 3.Place one pad on upper right chest and other on lower left ribs, make sure pads are pressed down firmly 4.Follow AED prompts then stand clear 5.If shock advised shout "clear" and push shock button, if no shock is advised give CPR if not moving or breathing 6.After shock give CPR until AED reanalyze and advises shock


1.1.Apply dressing with presser and rap 2.elevate limb above heart 3.If it bleeds through rap apply more 4.Get them to the hositile

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