Top 3 Great Party Ideas on Halloween

Halloween is one of the most exciting and thrilling festivities. It is a celebration not unique to a single place as it is celebrated around the globe. From the United States of America to the Philippines, Halloween is just a nice way to celebrate the memory of our departed loved ones.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the Halloween. Some people tend to be more solemn in their celebration. Others opt to celebrate it in the most fun way with parties and big gatherings.

1. Come up with unique Halloween games - One of the things that make parties great is a fun and exciting game! For a unique halloween party, come up with different exciting games. Your Halloween party should have games for maximum fun! You can try the Donut Eating Race for kids. Eating donuts has never been so fun! What you can do is to hang several donuts with string from a tree branch or a sturdy rod. Blindfold the contestants and, on the count of three, have each player try to eat their donut — the first one to finish wins! Another fun game is the Mummy Wrap. Here’s the mechanics: Divide your party-goers into teams of two, and give each a roll of toilet paper, white crepe paper, or fabric. At the sound of the music, one team member must wrap the other from head to toe (leaving the head free and not binding the arms to the body.) Once completely wrapped, the "mummy" must run to cross the finish line before the others.

2. Food party - A party will not be complete without awesome food. Indulge yourselves with a hearty serving of your favorite food with Halloween twists. You can prepare barbecue food to entice your guests. Not only that barbecue food is easy to prepare, they are equally delicious as well easy to eat. Read: grab and go. Red pasta sauces are also a hit with its bloody like texture and color. Further, halloween inspired drinks will also give the shocking treats to your visitors.

3. Halloween decorations - Pump up your venue with breathtaking interior designs! If you have time, create a Headless Horseman Door Greeter. Give trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests a slight scare with this headless horseman figure. Add his jack-o'-lantern head to one hand and a sign leading the way to the festivities in the other. This decoration will add to the character of your Halloween party. You can also put a Tiny Ghost Town interior decoration or table piece using matte black spray paint. The paint turns craft store birdhouses into an eerie mini landscape. To bump up the creep factor, add oversized spiders, rubber snakes or faux birds to your scene.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the Halloween, just make sure that you do not forget the essence of this annual celebration. Do not forget to pay your respects to our departed loved ones as they were once part of our lives. Happy Halloween celebration, friends!