An Open Letter on your 18th Birthday

Habang tinitipa ng aking daliri ang keyboard ng computer ko, pinagiisipan ko kung gagawin ko ang sulat naito sa Tagalog o sa English. . .

After 5 mins of deliberation between me and myself, I chose to write this in English. Because I amconfident enough that you will completely understand as what your self-proclaimed phrase “YOU HAVEA STRONG AND POWERFUL VOCABULARY”. I wrote this as an open letter, just in case you lost this,you can just print and reprint and again and again.As you entered new phase of life as a young adult, I want you to know some lessons in life. I amnot an alchemist or philosopher. I am your sister. This is based on experience, keen observation and factsof life. Brace yourself; eat, pee, blink a lot before you read this (because this is a half letter, half novel)and most of all keep everything in mind.

1. God comes first. Family is the second. End of the story. Before reacting on my first list, please comprehend and let me explain. Always put God as the center of your life. He loves you more than anyone. Family is the second (should I explain this one?) Okay. We, your family care for you and love you more than you know. We have hate-love relationship but at the end, we still love each other. Your friends? Yes they are also your family.But choose your friends wisely. Not based on their appearance or economical status. But basedon their acceptance as what you are and chose not to be. Always remember that there’s a difference between acquaintance and friends.

2. Love comes in a right place, right time and right person.Yes I am talking about L-O-V-E. Fall in love, have a heartbreak, learn a lesson and fall in love again.Always listen to your heart and bring your brain with you. Do not rush on things. Enjoy beingyoung. Love will happen on a right time and right person.

3. Rejection is a part of success.You will experience rejection in every step to success. It will crash your self-esteem, change yourperspective and it will leave a mark. But do not lose hope. If others can do it, why can’t you?Trust yourself and be determined. Hang on and pick yourself up. As failure is never final and quitting is fatal.

4. Make your inside stunning and everything falls together.Humility, honesty and generosity make a person beautiful. Focus on the inside. Be kind to unkindpeople. Help those who cannot return the favor. Trust me, it is euphoric. Always do the right thing. Do not let the world spoil you.

5. Change is the only permanent thing in the world.Everything will change before your knew it. People around you, the size of your pants, me beingfabulous to glamorous. Your friend today is your enemy after 10 minutes. The only key is deal with it with sophistication and right attitude.

Mica, as you read this letter, I am trying to hide my grinning face. I can imagine your different facial expressions. Okay seriously, we are proud of you. From your academic performance to your impeccable behavior. Growing up without a mother is not only sad but also painful. But we are happy because we could see that from a delicate and subtle child, a classy and independent lady will bloom.

Happy Birthday and May God bless you always!

Loves you truly,
Your beautiful sister (Meg)