VB.Net Shop in Cleveland is Hiring!

I am working with a company that has been based in Cleveland for 100 years!  Northeast Ohio is their home and they plan to keep it that way. They are a family owned business that custom develops their software using VB.Net and SQL SVR.  They maintain a small IT development group of 4 people and do both winforms and web development.  They have an average tenure of 12 yrs among their development team including their IT Director who is a direct report to the President.  This is a great place for the experienced developer that works best in an environment where you are respected for what you bring to the table. They are only interested in developers that have at least 8 years of work experience. They will consider C# experienced developers that are open to coding in VB. If you are interested directly send me a note.  If not, but someone comes to mind you would suggest, please let me know how to contact them. 

Jim Shelton, Sr Recruiter (IT/Software Development)

MRI - North Canton, OH  www.mrnc.com

jshelton@mrnc.com  330-497-3483


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