What is the poem about?

The poem is about a Mother talking to her son about that she has had tougher times then he did and that he should keep his head up high and hope for the best.

Who are the Characters?

The mother, The son.

Is there a conflict?

The conflict is that the son is having a tough time and his mother talks to him about her rough times back then.

Is there a resolution?

The resolution is that the son feels better and because of his mother encouraging him to look forward a try his best and that he will be fine.

Are there figures of speech being used?

Yes there is a metaphor "Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair".

What do those figures of speech mean literally?

It means that her life hasn't been so easy  like her sons life been.

What would be a good theme for the text?

A good theme for this story is: Don't ever give up, just keep trying.

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