Tool: Canva

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, learners will be able to:

  1. List the types of visual products that can be produced via Canva.
  2. Determine which of their current or future advertising or marketing products could benefit from the use of Canva as a design tool.
  3. Create 3 products of their choice in Canva

Pre-Session Work

(15  minutes)

In order to prepare to apply Canva to their business and its needs, in advance of the live instruction and independent learning learners will

  1. List the types of marketing materials and where they have marked in the past 12 months:  (a) types of materials = business cards, flyers, ads, etc;  where they have marketed= print ads, flyers, social media networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter) or platforms (Youtube, blog, website).
  2. Estimate their yearly cost for designing such items (if they are using an outside vendor to prepare.)

Live instruction via Webex

(30 minutes)

Slideshow of visual materials produced using Canva -- business cards, Facebook cover, twitter header, poster, flyer --  all prepared by someone with absolutely no graphic design experience. (ME!)  Introduce Canva via brief live demonstration of creating new item and customizing it.

Explain assignment and deadlines.

Independent / Hands on Work

( 1 hour)

Watch this Canva presentation regarding Branding Basics.  Evaluate teh materials gathered during pre-session work:  is there a consistent visual identity across types and locations of their marketing materials.

Create 3 items from the Canva gallery of possible final products, keeping in mind the information regarding branding, in order that the materials are complementary.  

Closure / Debrief

(15-30 minutes)

  1. provide links to or screenshots of their Canva product
  2. review and provide feedback to the workproduct of at least 3 others and;
  3. draft and post a short summary of their opinion of the tool, whether or not they think they will use it in the future and how.

This was created in in fulfillment of the Keystone Project requirements of course EDTR 606 in the M.S.I.T. Program at New York Institute of Technology.