Sodium Bicarbonate
By Kellie and Nora

Science project: December 12-18, 2013
Kellie and Nora

Hi! My name is Sodium Bicarbonate commonly known as Baking Soda. I am also known for being called Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. The particles that make me up are Sodium, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen. My chemical formula is ( of course the best out there) NaHCO3 also standing for ME. Elements play in the role of ME, because without elements there would be no me, i would be considered extinct. If you put two elements together they would make a substance, and guess what I am, a SUBSTANCE. Pretty cool right. Now particles and atoms play in the roll of me too because elements make me up and particles are what make up elements, and atoms are what make particles. The specific molecules that go into me are three oxygen molecules, one sodium molecule, and one carbon molecule. Half of my molecules (carbon and oxygen) are in the fourteenth row of the periodic table and the other half of my molecules (hydrogen and sodium) are in the first row of the periodic table. Did you know if you put me in cleaning products I will actually clean them (ha-ha cleaning a CLEANING product). Anyway another important fact about me is I can kill a bit of some sorts of cancers, because I kill yeast and yeast causes some sorts of cancer. I am used for heartburn, reducing stomach acid, and I help with indigestion (upset stomach). I also can help people that have asthma. I'm used in baking soda and I help whiten teeth. I'm in the form of powder and my color is white. I am put in fire extinguishers, in effervescent drinks, and as a leavening agent in baking. I may be similar or different to other substances, but I'm one of a kind me, sodium bicarbonate. Thanks for getting to know me and spread the word, I'm the best! :)

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