Grace Lin

"If you make happy those that are near, those that are far will come." -Grace Lin from Where the Mountain meets the Moon

Grace Lin grew up in New York. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan before she was born.  She wants to educate American youth on Chinese culture. Lin likes to incorporate her culture in to her books. Lin writes and illustrates her own books. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also has a young daughter.

Lin enjoys writing about Chinese culture because she feels as though she lost some of her heritage as a child. Her parents wanted their children to be assimilated into American culture, holidays and traditions. They spoke English at home and celebrated American holidays. She remembers doing things from the Chinese culture but never knew why. Lin reflects on the fact that she always struggled with her own cultural identity. When she was younger, she used to read loosely translated Chinese folk tales. Due to the terrible translation from Chinese to English, she was always let down by the story. She was determined to make a true Chinese folk tale that also made a great story in English.

"Where the mountain meets the moon"

Lin traveled to hong kong and Taiwan. She said it was there that all of the folk tales she had read as a child really came alive to her. "Where the mountain meets the moon" is like a collaboration of all the other folk tales she had read. Lin says that the novel was one of her dreams. She based her story off of an older folk tale called "olive lake." Lin also puts a piece of her history in to the story. She lost her husband so she made the moral of the story about appreciating what you have and never taking anything for granted.


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