Life Of Brass

I had a very rough upbringing.I grew up in the land of Hartlepool. A place where you where bullied if you were not good at fighting,good at football,rugby,boxing and if you were fat and not funny you were also bullied.Everyone bullied me because of my body shape and my stupid intellect. I was always in trouble with the police for throwing eggs at windows and playing garden gnomes.I always got caught because i was too fat to run away. My dad used to beat me with a wooden stick and my mother ran away to Africa to join a tribe. In my last year at school i asked a really fit girl to go to prom with me she said "no go away you fat chubba bubba" i was nearly crying and in the end i didn't go to prom because i was too embarrassed. After that incident i was determined to make a lot of money so that i could pull any girl i wanted too. I decided to move to Amsterdam and become a pimp. I did this by starting off with just a few people using my apartment.Then as more money rolled in i could afford to open more apartments and buildings.I did this business for a couple of years and then i decided to buy a 10 unused warehouses.I renovated them into party strip clubs.My strip clubs,The Hanging Monkeys, became the party hub of Europe.As well as having the small rooms dotted about the center of Amsterdam i also opened the coffee shop "Hairy Mary".The drugs business was going so well i decided to buy the bulldog business and after a few years all drugs,prostitution and strip clubs in Holland all ran through me.After making all this money i decided to move back to my home town. I built a huge skyscraper and i lived on the top floor.I also built a huge statue of a monkey being hanged in Amsterdam to represent me and my background

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