Your Invited

you have been invited to one of the greatest events of the century it will be a legendary party!

As you see this will be a legendary event that you wont want to miss!This "game"is called a naval battle.Below are some things you will need to

What:You will be going to a giant naval battle

Where:The event is located in the coliseum.look at the bottom of the invitation for that!

When:This event will take place 46 BC.

Why:You need to come to this event so you can witness and see Spartacus demolish the other people in the boats.

What Should you Bring? Bring your thirst for excitement and No Children(sorry these events are too gory).    

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4 people are going
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ABCD (+3) Organizer

If you need to contact anyone please travel to this address 4335 woodhead st.(THIS IS FAKE)

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