What is Cholesterol?
by Kylie Jones

HDL and LDL are a type of lipoprotein. HDL is responsible for removing excess cholesterol from the blood stream and  transporting it to the liver. LDL is responsible for transporting cholesterol to the cells.

These lipoproteins differ in structure because of how much of the lipoproteins are made up of cholesterol. HDL is 20% cholesterol and 50% protein. On the other hand LDL is 50% cholesterol and 25% protein.

Doctors monitor HDL and LDL because they are used to help evaluate someones risk of heart disease. Whether more cholesterol is being taken to or from cells can be determined during a blood test.

excess LDL can cause plaque buildup on arterial walls which can result in Atheroscerlosis. Which can lead to heart attacks or stroke.

Other molecules monitored along with LDL and HDL are triglycerides,blood sugar level, and total cholesterol.

In take of fats should be portioned just like anything else for the overall health of your body.

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