The Odyssey after Arrival

By Ellie Sample and Izzy SAlazar

       Soon after his arrival, Odysseys received help from Athena to ward off angry villagers. This made him and his family very close to the goddess, and she was their guardian in any times of need.  Meanwhile, Poseidon had traveled to the underworld to find his nephew, Antonius. He found Antinous at the feet of Hades. Poseidon did not know that Antinous would be asking him to curse Odysseus.  Antinous looked up to his uncle and wanted to seem like a warrior, so when he asked for the cursing of Odysseus, he asked if he could be the one to carry out the curse and kill Odysseus himself. When asked why he wasnted to curse Odysseus, he explained to his uncle the killings of him and his fellow suitors.  Because Antinous was Poseidon's blood, he had to accept the favor. Hades, hearing this, arrived at Athena's castle to warn her of the news.  When asked why he wished to curse Odysseus, Antinous told him about Odysseus and his family who killed Antinous himself, and all of the other suitors. Hades, who heard of the curse, went off to warn his sister Athena. When he told her, she quickly gave word to Odysseus and his family. At this point Odysseus was used to threats, so he thought he could stop Antinous and Poseidon with Athenas help. So together Athena and Odysseus made a plan. they would make connections with Zeus. They sacrificed cattle to all of his guards, so the guards would help them defeat Poseidon. So they went down to the underworld for their unexpected battle. Poseidon, who knew that the guards were immune to flames, threw water at them knowing that that was their only weakness. Sadly, they were thrown out of the battle for their injuries. Odysseus killed Poseidon with the help of athena, by using her knowlege of of the castle to hide, shoot them, and go after the opposing guards. ie. And Odysseus lives happly ever after. The end.

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