Self-Reflection Bailey Arndt

Carrers 2014

My Career Cluster Areas

My Key Interest Areas - ECS

  • Enterprising people are good talkers, and use this skill to lead or persuade others. They also value reputation, power, money and status, and will usually go after it. They like to work with PEOPLE and DATA
  • Conventional people like rules and regulations and emphasize self-control. They like structure and order, and dislike unstructured or unclear work and interpersonal situations. They place value on reputation, power, or status. They like to work with DATA.
  • Social people seem to satisfy their needs in teaching or helping situations. They are different than R and I Types because they are drawn more to seek close relationships with other people and are less apt to want to be really intellectual or physical. They like to work with PEOPLE.

Careers I would consider include:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Chief Executives Management Analyst
  • Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
  • Administrative Service Managers

My Personality Traits - ESTJ

E - Extroverted

Seek interaction, enjoy group,s communicate by talking, outgoing and sociable, like variety and action, involved with people, learn by doing or discussing do ‐ think ‐ do, enjoy a wide circle of friends.

  • Like to be where the action is, taking note of what is going on around you. You can often do several things at once.
  • Prefer a learning environment filled with movement, action, and talk.

S - Sensing

Focus on what is real and actual, prefer facts and concrete, pay attention to details, observe and remember, sequentially are down‐to‐earth, learn step‐by‐step, focus on the present, rely on past experience.

  • Focus on facts and rely on what can be measured or documented.
  • Trust your past experiences and prefer established ways of doing things
  • Tend to excel at memorizing facts
  • Feel more comfortable when you know exactly what is expected of you. You prefer explicit, detailed and specific directions.

T - Thinking

Prefer to analyse the problem, are objective, are tough‐minded, value justice, are reasonable and fair, use cause‐and‐effect reasoning, are good at critiquing, prefer to be direct, usually don't take things personally, can be seen as insensitive.

  • Tend to stay cool, calm and collected in situations when others are upset.
  • May be seen as overly blunt and uncaring. You consider truthfulness to be more important than tact.
  • Are goal‐ and task‐oriented.
  • Prefer criticism that is to the point rather than criticism that is softened or indirect.

J - Judging

Value structure, tend to work now / play later, like things settled and decided, prefer things to be organised, make lists and use them, value punctuality, prefer to have deadlines, like to complete projects, are goal‐oriented, value order, like to follow timetables.

  • Like to have things settled and decided.
  • Prefer to develop a plan and schedule for tasks that need to be done.
  • Are always on time, and can't understand why this is not important to others.
  • Complete projects a little ahead of time to avoid last minute stresses and pressure.


  • Listening - I think that I have a strong skill in listening to other people, although my mom would disagree.
  • Speaking Skills - I have skills in speaking to people and find to easy to talk to people. I would like to strengthen that skill and I plan to in the future.
  • Coordinating with others - I love planning with people. This is my strongest skill because I am a very prompt person and always have to be on time.
  • People Person - I am a people person and love being around people. I always want to be around people and learn more about them.


  • Honesty and Integrity - I value this because I would rather hear the truth than lies. The truth helps you grow as a person.
  • Work-Life Balance - This is important to me because I think that people should be able to have a work life and social life. It is vital that you have a separation.
  • Friendship - I value friendship because friends are very important in my life. Having friends makes your life more exciting and you can always have someone to talk to.
  • Fun and Humor - I value having fun because, I want to live my life and have fun while doing it. I think life would be very boring if you don't have fun! Also having a sense of humor is great!
  • Practicality - I value being practical because in my life I want to stay practical and focused on what is happening at the moment.
  • Security - Security is a big value in my life. I always want to stay safe and have the sense of being secure.

What I learned about myself!

What I learned about myself during this project was that I am an extrovert and what type of personality that I have. I also learned that through all the assessments and the jobs that the assessments suggested were all the same! Pretty Cool! Through this project I learned about different careers that I have never heard about, and I am now very interested in persuing reaserch in these careers.