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Adam Rand
Ms. Berrisford

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The main character of the book Exodus is a teenage girl name Mara that lives in a village on an island in the middle of the ocean because of ice glacier and the polar caps that are melting changing the climate. Mara believes that there are more people around the world in addition to the people that are in her village that is on the island.

Mara is a believable character because she is trying to convince her parents to leave the island and try to find a safe location for them to live and be safe. One of the quotes that describes Mara's personality in the book Exodus that helps her figure out more about the miracle giant cities is:

"But I need more than Tain has told me. I need -I need evidence. All this talk about of miracles and giant cities..."(30) Mara wants to know more about the miracle giant cities instead of Tain telling her about the giant cities. The second quote is "It sounds like something out of your book of fairy tales"(30) Mara believes that this so called miracle giant city is just a fairy tale from someone's book that Rowan read and told her.

I think Rowan will cause problems for the main character because Rowan is friends with Mara and told her about the miracle city and that makes Mara wonder if there are more people around the world instead of the people that are in the village on the island. One quote from Rowan's point of view is " Maybe-maybe people make up something to believe in when they need something to believe in" (30) Rowan believes that when he told Mara about the giant miracle city that he was making it up but Mara does not believe him and she ignores him.  

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