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tons of people, thousands even, are packed into american airlines center. many already have their video recorders and iphones rolling. all at once, the  ligts turn off and some people start screaming. the singer comes out with about ten dancers, all with perfectly timed coregraphy. everyone is already so excited, and the night has  only started.

about twenty people are huddled around, and some have their hand on a head. the pastor has some water cupped into his hand, and starts to walk over to the huddle. he begins to recite scripture readings from the bible, some of them are questions and the church replies to them such as ' we do '  and ' i do '. he pours the room temperature water onto her head, and eventually moves on down the line to other kids her age doing the same.

two girls walk side by side, going into about five stores and buy from about three. all together, the get two pairs of sweatpants, two swimsuits, a tee shirt, a starbucks drink, and a vinyl from barnes and noble.

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