Rose Blumkin/Nebraska Furnitre Mart : by Austin

Rose Blumkin Immigrated to america in 1917. Rose Blumkin is on the bottom corner. At this time her name was Rose Gorelick.

Rose Blumkin began NFM in the bottom of her husbands shop in 1937. This was on Farnam St. She worked very hard to open it. Her bussniss exceled at maximum rates.

This is NFM in Omaha, Nebraska.  It has been there since 1937. It has a wide variety of furniture. This store has anything you can think of that's furniture.

This is the store in Kansas City,Kansas.This was built in 1999.They had a rough start.THEY RAN OUT OF FURNITRE
This is the Texas store.It was finished March 5,2015.This is the BIGGEST Nebraska Furnitre Mart in in NFM history.

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