Jose Carlo Sanchez

All About Me

Hi my friends. As you know my name is Jose Carlo. As you will see you will see  my favorite soccer player, games, and t.v shows. I will show you my favorites animals. I will show you my favorite food favorite you tube videos. I will show you my hobbies and my families.

This are my family. My brother,mom,dad,and I. There are Jose David Sanchez, Erwin Sanchez, Virginia Frugone, and Jose Carlo Sanchez.

This is my favorite game is like my top 5 videos games. This is my 4 game. This is Dota 2 you can fined it in steam but you need to download steam too.

This is another of my favorite game of the top 5 list. This game is Minecraft. You can build your house and mine a lot of minerals. You can get diamonds.

This is my third favorite game is called Team Fortress 2. You can download it but you need to download steam.

This is my favorite soccer player in the world. This is Zlatan Imbrahimovic. He is from Swedan. His team is Paris Saint Germain. (PSG)

If your fan of Zlatan you must see this video.

This is my top 5 list. First game of the list. But there are two games World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor. The other one is World of Warcraft mist of Pandaria

This is Heros of the Storm. This is my second favorite game of my top 5 list.

This is my favorite game of my 52 song list. This is Skillet and the song is Heros

This is another of my favorite song. This is like my 10 of my 52 song list. It is called Monster.

This is my favorite show. Adventure Time with finn and jake. My favorite character is Finn.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH yeha this is my first favorite show REGULAR SHOW. My brother and i love this show like Adventure Time.

This is my favorite animal this are Kittens. There are so cute.

AHHHHHH now this is my favorite puppy they are Husky.

This are my favorite foods Hamburger,ice cream, and pizza. For me are the best foods.

Thanks I hope you like my website. Thanks to all.

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