How to Paint Steel Pipe

Once you purchase an API steel pipe, next you have to consider in mind maybe how to paint the steel pipe. Following is an expert giving her advice on how to paint steel pipe. I am hoping it could be of great use to you. X Emily Paterson emili paterson since 1996 has been for the site to create content. She specializes in decoration, natural body care and natural cleaning articles. Paterson possessed certificate from the Penn State University. Steel pipe that conforms to API, or API steel pipe, can be painted whatever color in the need for its intended purpose. It must be clean and dry prior to painting paint and how to improve the surface tube. Select a top quality steel in advance and paint with rust prevention, flame retardant formulation development to products in the paint.

1 Dry with a clean cloth.

2 Stand pipe, in a vertical position if possible. Place a single plastic cover at the behind of wall, in order to prevent the paint from moving onto the wall. If the vertical pipe stand too long, the level and narrow piece of wood would be 3 feet between each to put its surface high.. If the pipe is installed, the use of painter's tape and newspapers covering the surface and protect them from spray that is beyond the scope

3 Application of good quality steel pipe. If the primer is brush-on products, use and before paint primer immediately stir bar. Primer paintbrush is recommended to be dipped into 1 inch. Starting from the top, or one side, steel pipe, apply small priming paintbrush. If the primer products are spray-on ones, spray in the small layer pipe and comprehensive exercise in order to prevent the operation of it.. Allow primer before drying picture according to the suggestions on the primer label manufacturers.

4 Coating for steel pipe. If the paint is brush-on products, stir paint immediately before use. Brush in the paint is about 1 inch to. Starting from the top, or one side, steel pipe, apply little layer paintbrush. If the paint spraying, spray in the small layer pipe and comprehensive exercise, in order to prevent the operation of running away.

Your rubber or polyurethane products
Utilize a primer as well as paint from the same company. Manufacturers develop primer as well as paintwork together. Select a primer and paint from the same company will improve the results of the completion of the project. After the operation can be sanded paint or drying. Utilize 180 grit sandpaper to remove. Follow the 220 sand with the goal of removing scratches from 180 sandpaper.

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