Agents of Socialization

*My Family

   In my family , I live with my parents in a huge house and we have a happy family. My father is a engineer. My mother is a doctor who help pregnant women.  They all busy when I was in primary school . In the year of the summer, I saw a lot of kids exercise factory in playing badminton. So I begged my mother to teach me to play badminton. My mother totally agreed me. My mother and I bought badminton rackets and shuttlecocks. Then my mother began to formally teach me. First of all, my mother taught me to take badminton rackets and held the piece of thin rod but also most of the thin bar below to get. So I followed my mother's teaching practiced dozens of times. And my father taught me how to the piano. My father bought me a beautiful piano as my birthday present with the money they had saved for a long time. Before long, my interest in piano was transferred to other things. I began to escape the practice as much as i could. my father found out my impatience. he encouraged me and was stricter with me than ever before. with his help, i underwent the hardest time and devoted myself to the piano. Now, in my spare time after a long time of study and hard work, I always play the piano and enjoy the beautiful music

*My Schooll

Now I am a high school member which is America school and I have some thoughts and feelings. The passage of time can always give people some special things. In the new environment, I feel a bit excited. Be able to recognize the new students and teachers is my greatest gains. In the next three years, we will learn、work and progress together to make our dreams come true. I will have new friends, and share the joy and sadness with them. The process of learning is also a growing process. Similarly, I will also face many difficulties. I might have difficulties in learning and getting along with classmates , bearing some pressure in life. However, I will get stronger and get through every step of primary school six years. I am international student in China and our primary school is six years. And middle school is three years similar with high school in China. Our math teacher is a woman, she taught high school curriculum.Her appearance and style very different with other female teacher. She is not very tall, lean body mass, the skin is very white, her nose is small, but has big eyes, also wearing a pair of black frame glasses. One day, I has a math problem, my teacher came to me and said that Hanna, do you have any question. I said that yes I have one problem and I try many ways to solve this however they don't work. So my math teacher taught me about my problem in twice. In the end, I know how to solve it and I thank her so much.

*Peer Groups

My peer groups,  one thing that I still remembered, my middle school friends.  They gave me lots of special and infection things and made me change. When smiling, they dimples will appear and those I see their smile feel it special.  They  always dresses very elegantly and tidily. One day, I had a fever in my home and I got really tired in my home. So I didn't go to my middle school and lied on my bed whole day. When I worried about my homework that I didn't know about what it about,  pone bell rang at that time. I answered the phone and listened a familiar person in my mind.  “My best friend, you are OK? What were you felling about your body? You can never worry about your homework. I would tell our homework on time and you only should think about your body that becomes stronger than before. ” They regard said. When I heard my friends genuine greeting, my tear keeps back slowly and I didn't believe that my best friend can assist me every day. I felt agitate at that time because my friends take care me very carefully. I didn't regret get relationship with my friends who not only appearance is beautiful but also their heart warmly.

*Mass Media

Nowadays, we often use lots of media and technology to learn or relax. I always use my phone to listen music. Listening to music is an indispensable hobby in my life. I enjoy a large range of different types of music. Light music fills my heart with serene joyfulness. Waltz brings my imagination to wonder in the magnificent and beautiful nature. I lose myself in mild melancholy and nostalgia when ancient melodies played by traditional Chinese music start ringing at my ears. Pop songs tell me the young people's concerns and I am willing to share their troubles. Indeed, through listening to various kinds of music. I find myself richer in compassion and sympathy with other people and the things around me. Besides this edifying power, music makes me feel relaxing. When I lie in bed, close my eyes and savor every note and word in a melody.It is us if I were transported to another world, leaving behind the monotonous and tension-ridden world of reality. Music can to use music and music therapy to help ward off depression, to promote movement, to calm patients, to ease muscle tension. Another mass media that I use a lot is television. I like watch news and American TV show. It is important that give me environment.

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