MOM-mosa Bar

Add extra sparkle to Mother's Day brunch.

What's a MOM-mosa?

MOM-mosa is just a mimosa — orange juice (or other citrus) mixed with a sparkling wine, like champagne or prosecco — served with a little extra flair for Mother's Day brunch!


  • Orange juice (or other fresh citrus juice, like tangerine)
  • Sparkling wine: champagne or prosecco


NOTE: you can prepare MOM-mosas by the pitcher (or caraffe) or by the glass. Both options are shown here. Pitcher is better if serving a larger crowd and don't anticipate it sitting around long.

By the pitcher...

1. Fill pitcher or caraffe 3/4 of the way with fresh orange juice.

2. Add champagne or prosecco until pitcher is nearly full (leave enough room to comfortably pour and pass without spilling).

3. Optional: lightly swirl or mix very gently to blend.

4. Serve immediately, serve chilled (no ice) and refill as needed.

By the glass...

1. Fill a champagne flute halfway with fresh orange juice (or proportionate to mom's taste).

2. Add champagne, filling flute to the top.

3. Decorate flute edges with small slices of mom's favorite fruit. Keep MOM-mosa glass filled, maintaining desired proportions of juice and wine.

Ways to make it special:

  • Pour fresh orange juice from a decorative caraffe or elegant bottle, instead of the traditional OJ carton.
  • Use ribbon or colorful washi tape to add flair to caraffes and bottles.
  • Print MOM-mosa recipe and ornately frame for display at mimosa bar.
  • Appoint a family member or friend to dress festively and act as MOM-mosa bartender.
  • Make and hang (DIY) bunting that matches MOM-mosa adornments above the bar or entrance to brunching space.
  • Build a MOM-mosa stand (like an old-school DIY lemonade stand).