Presentation Tools


Power points are a useful tool for conveying information to a group of people. They can help share information. But, many presentations are badly done and end up boring the audience to death. Many different tools have been created to help spark interest during presentations.

In order to have an interesting presentation, the slides must be organized. Cluttered and confusing slides make for an annoyed and bored audience. There are many different rules for how many words per slide, but a good rule is 6 words per bullet point. Each bullet point should have a general fact about a topic, of which you expand while talking about each slide. Another tip to having a good presentation is rehearsal. Reading off the slide offers no new information to your audience, and sending an e-mail would save everyone's time. Practicing the presentation before you give it will increase your confidence and help get your message across effectively.

My Opinion

My favorite presentation tool that we covered was Prezi. The layout of Prezi is confusing at first, but after messing around for 5 minutes it started to make sense. The options it offers makes Prezi a unique presentation tool. Presentations made with Prezi are interesting, and keep the audience paying attention. The rapid movements and transitions can be overwhelming, but if done correctly, they can make a presentation look smooth and well-done. Although I have not used Prezi outside of this class, I can see myself using it in the future for presentations.

Prezi is a useful tool, created in 2008, for sharing interesting presentations. The different style of power points is made from the constant flow and shift of a Prezi display. Founded by a group of Hungarians, Prezi offers both a free and paid version of their product.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the first tool that comes to mind when you're told to create a presentation. An easy to use, classic presentation maker, PowerPoint is very user friendly and offers many good services. Paired with other Microsoft products, creating a professional display is easy to do. Although lacking the smooth transitions found in Prezi, when used correctly PowerPoint can be just as efficient.

SlideShare is a very useful tool to get presentations done quickly. You can use premade presentations that have been shared online. Founded in 2006, LinkedIn took over in 2012. SlideShare is a nice presentation tool because you can look at already done, professional presentations and get ideas for what you should do. SlideShare remains a small business, with only about 51 - 200 employees.

Powtoon is a creative tool to make fast-action, cartoons. The presentation can be both a cartoon and informative power point. The different take on how a presentation can be done adds a new spice to the possibilities of a presentation. Options given to you help open the presentation to humor. Powtoon offers both a free and paid version, and depending on the package you get, you are offered different tools.

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