Nutrition Expert Amy Desel Shares Some Easy Ways To Cope With Emotional Eating

Well-known dietician and nutrition expert, Amy Desel was recently in Berne, Switzerland to attend a conference which was held to discuss the growing problem of obesity among youngsters. Amy described obesity as a growing concern in not only Switzerland but throughout the world. He pointed towards many factors that eventually lead to emotional eating in a youngster’s life; however it is emotional eating that he believes has tremendously risen among youngsters in the recent times. He said that he has many young clients who are suffering from an uncontrollable urge to eat when they are emotionally unstable.

Amy Desel gave a simple definition of Emotional eating, by referring to it as a situation when you turn to food for comfort and not because you are hungry. A delicious burger, chocolate chip cookies, and a bag of cheese potato chips might offer you short-term relief to people when you are stressed, angry, anxious, depressed, or frustrated. He feels that it is okay to indulge in junk food once in a while, but not always because emotional eating, if not controlled, leads to overeating & eventually unwanted weight-gain.

Amy Desel also shared some easy ways to control emotional eating. He advised people with this problem to divert their mind as soon as they feel an eating trigger because of some stress or anxiety. “There are a number of activities that I advise my clients to try when they are in such a situation. For instance, I tell them to read a good magazine or book, listen to music, take a nice bubble bath, go for a job or walk, play some sport, talk to their friend over the phone, do a household chore, or do any pleasurable activity till their urge to eat goes away.” he said.

According to Amy Desel, diverting the mind is one of the best ways to overcome the habit of emotional eating as it gives you a moment to pause and influences you to make a different decision rather than giving in to a craving. At the end of the conference, Amy advised everyone to stay emotionally strong and make healthy lifestyle habits a part of their life. He also told the media about his plans to write a book on Obesity very soon. Other than the subject of his book, he refused to share any details about it.

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