Life Cycles

                                       Life Cycles : Complete metamorphosis

Have you ever wondered, What are the stages of metamorphosis? Well if you want to know it all starts with an egg. An ordinary egg, then the egg hatches (for this demonstration i'm going to use a caterpillar)and out comes a little baby bug or larvae.Then when the larvae eats an eats it turns into a caterpillar.The caterpillar eats and when it has enough food, it turns into a cocoon and stays in that stage for a little while. (Fun fact: The wings actually develop inside the cocoon!)Then the cocoon breaks like the egg and out comes a elegant butterfly.But that's only complete metamorphosis!

                                         Life Cycles : Incomplete metamorphosis

This is Incomplete metamorphosis.You just now learned complete metamorphosis and now incomplete. Are example is a grasshopper. First it starts out as an egg (like all bugs) and hatches. When it hatches it doesn't turn into a regular larvae it turns into a nymph. (a look alike of an adult but smaller and a lighter color.)Then it grows and grows, finally it's n adult. As you can see its shorter than complete metamorphosis that's why it incomplete.Thank you!