Angelina , Makayla , Jayden

     We picked the Algonquian tribe. They lived for thousands of years. They lived in in the coastal plain region. There tribe spoke a sort of French, Italian and Spanish like today.

  There life was not easy.lf they were cold they had to make a fire.They couldn't turn on the switch to the fire place.If the need a house they  need  to  make  it out  of  birch  bark , animal skin, corn husk, reeds, grass, and  mud.

 They didn't go to the grocery store to get food. They had to catch fish. They ate fish, berries, maple sugar to store for the winter.They used corn in bread, soup, popcorn and ash cakes.

  Dogs were very common in the American Indian tribes like there are today.They were used in many ways such as pets, beast, and burden .Also sometimes have been sacrificed.There were under extreme starvation. Also under circumstances as food.

 Bows  were  made by Eastern  woodland  tribes  from  springy  wood.Such as Shagbark Hickory, White ash, clear or white Oak. Their lives depended on how they could hunt. Expert boys were able to kill a bird in flight at a young age.

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