Brain Tumors

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     Brain tumors are 2 out of 4 things, malignant (has cancer cells), benign (no cancer cells), primary (forms in brain), or secondary/metastatic (cancerous tumor sends cancer cells to brain). They can occur at any age and are grouped by grade, higher the grade, the abnormal cells multiply faster and act more aggressive.They are caused by ionizing radiation from high dose X-rays like radiation therapy, or caused by your family history.Brain tumors can be treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy, and steroids. If you get a pituitary tumor it's removed by a tube through your nose.There is no known risk factors that lead to brain tumors, but still take precautions, so they can't be prevented.

        Symptoms depend on the size, shape, and location. Symptoms include: vision, hearing, and balance problems, facial paralysis, seizures, muscle jerking, nausea, and vomiting.

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