Molly Scriber 2/9/15

Listeria is found in water and soil.
Listeriosis effects pregnant woman, older adults, people with weaker immune systems, and people with certain diseases like liver disease.

Listeria is found in water, soil, and some animals such as cattle and poultry.

Listeria is found in raw milk, sprouts, soft cheeses, smoked sea food and ready to eat deli meats.
The incubation period for Listeriosis is 3-70 days.
Symptoms of this illness include, fever, vomiting, weakness, confusion, and stiff neck.
Listeria is mainly found in cells, and then it can produce toxins that damage the cells. 200/1000 cases of Listeria result in death.
To prevent listeria don't drink raw milk, rinse raw produce, keep foods separate, thoroughly wash raw meat, eat perishable foods quickly.