Unchained memories

This movie relates to my question because most of these slave were punished badly  for not doing what they were told, trying to run away, and or just because their master could.  Sarah was one slave who told us that when working in the fields of cotton that some people would pick up to 300 to 800 pounds of cotton.  And if you they didn't do there would they'd get whipped until they had blisters. She tried running away because of how bad she got treated and she wanted to be free. But once your master notice that your gone they would send the dogs after you. But if once the dogs get you, you could seriously be injured or even killed.  Octavia George was another slave who told us about how it was like to be a slave child. Slave children would have to something eat in boxes and troughs, under the house. They would see the slave children gathered around there food as if they were animals. They would be punished badly if they we're even thinking of learing. This relates to my big question because they tell you the violence of how the masters would treat there slaves.