Exploration for France!

Your Majesty, with your help I am going to explore other worlds and claim territory for France!

Dear Kind Louis XII,

           Your Majesty, I wish to leave in the year of 1506 in order to be ahead of any other explorers. I am from the beautiful that you rule, France! I have come to ask the all mighty Louis XII of France for funding, as you are the only king who understands exploration. I would look for gold first of all, I would also look for an alternative fuel source. France is mainly looking for gold, so that will be my first job. An alternative fuel resource will provide another, maybe cheaper, way to get fuel than chopping down the trees. Also what do you we do when we run out of trees? This is why an alternative fuel source is necessary. I am going to go to the southwestern region of the new world. That is where it is rumored to be the seven cities of gold. That area is also fairly unexplored land, so all of the resources will be there. Spain and England are also exploring the new world but without my knowledge they will not find anything. I have researched extensively about this region and have ask all of the people who have been to the new world about what is there. The Spanish are looking for gold, silver, and other treasures but I will find them first my sire. I expect to deal with many obstacles, for example heat, our crew will bring a variety of clothing to make sure we are prepared for any type of weather. If I meet with other Europeans I will be nice to them but if they prove hostile we will defend ourselves, we will also take what they have and claim it for you my lord, we will also do the same for the natives if they prove hostile. Also I will personally educate my crew so that they do not make silly mistakes and our aware of everything that they need to know. Your Majesty, I am your best choice for exploring the new world, I am positive that I will find land and resources that would benefit you and claim the territory for France.

                                                                                                                           A loyal explorer

                                                                                                                           Ashish Vaidyanathan

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