My book response on Sisters

By: Caitlin M. Parrow

I read Sisters by Riana Telgamier.  The book Sisters is about Riana and her annoying sister Amara.  If those two couldn't even get through dinner without fighting then how could they last two weeks in a car straight?  They get in the car and everything gets planned out.  Riana gets the middle seat, Amara gets the back seat, and her brother ,Will, gets the front seat.  Riana is worried though because of an incident a little bit before.  I wondered what it was but I finally found out. They make it out alive to their cousins house and get back half way before the incident shows. Riana is terrified of snakes. (Aha moment. Riana is terrified of snakes). But when Riana got her own separate room, Amara got her own snake before the trip. When they got a pet snake a while ago they had to bring it back to the shelter because it ate live mice. Amara opened the bag on the way there though because the snake wasn't moving and it came out and got lost in the car. The car ran out of gas on the way back from the two week trip. Her mom and Will tried to hitchhike and someone helps but the two don't get back for a while. While they were gone, the snake came out and Amara had to take the snake and put it in a suitcase. Everything got better in the end.

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