Deer/ what there antlers are made out of


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Deer’s antlers are very clever things to use. Antlers are only on male deer. Many male deer use them for trying to mate with female deer/doe. Other animals like bulls have horns but their horns are made out of keratin. Antlers can also protect themselves from predators. One thing for sure is that antlers have a life cycle like humans and other animals.

Antlers, Deer antlers can be deadly. They can be used when hunters try to call them by rattling the bony antlers. The bone, the bone of the deer’s antlers are just like are bones. They can break and grow.

  The antlers of a deer fall off most of the times by getting old, rotting and other things. You may be able to gut a deer with the antlers if they are sharp enough. But good luck with that because most of the time they are dole. Also the antlers are most of the time thin.