By:Zoe Morgan, Chris Wayco and Sarah Weatherly

Summary:  Narcissus was a very handsome young man who continued to break women's hearts because of how selfish he was. One of the women whose heart he broke was named  Echo. Echo was cursed so she could only repeat what was said to her. Later, a Goddess named Nemesis punishes him by allowing him to love no one but himself. Later while looking at his reflection in the water he is unable to look away from it and ends up dying. After his death, a flower was named after him.

Moral Lesson:  Not to be self conceded, because you will only think about yourself and not the other people around you. You never know how long you will live and you don't want to spend your life only worried about yourself and not the people around you.

Explanation:  After the death of Narcissus echo named a beautiful flower after him because he was known to be handsome.

Also, since echo was cursed she was only able to repeat what was said to her, it is believes by the Greeks that when someone hears their echo it is her ghost repeating it.

Connections: After Narcissus died there was a flower that was named after him.

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