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Crackdown on Baseball's Habit

Summary of Story:

Chris Davis, Oriole star hitter, was suspended due to Adderall use, a drug typically used for ADHD.  The major league is trying to have a tighter control on substance abuse within the MLB.  Chris Davis, during his suspension, is now at a spring training complex in Florida to keep up his baseball skills.  The MLB is trying to cut down the usage of Adderall to those who are not truly ADHD.  The system is use right now is better than the old one but still about 10% of baseball players use this drug to improve performance.

Ideals related to this story:

Equality and opportunity are related to this story.

The players should all have an equal start to succeed in baseball.  If some abuse drugs then it is not fair to other players who do not use the drug to enhance their performance.  Those who use the drug lose the opportunity to play in the MLB and to make a living.  

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