Help Teen Athletes Make the
USA Olympic Team!

Teen Athlete David Hein is the youngest team working to make the 2016 US Olympic Team in the sport of Sailing aboard his NACRA 17 Mixed Multihull class sailboat.

These athletes have already begun to show their medal, being appointed to the US Sailing Development Team this year and are quickly moving up the ranks towards the #1 berth in the Nation. Their young age is unusual in the sport, most athletes are in their 30's with large support networks and funding sources.

David is using his youth to his advantage!

This high school student represent the next generation of America. A generation that will reshape the thinking in the country and build business that is unimaginable today! David exemplifies the opportunities of his generation by pushing the envelope in training, education, execution and presentation. His core belief is that he can accomplish anything that he is willing to work (harder than anyone else) to achieve. Hard work and dedication to success = victory!

Getting to the top in their sport requires hard work, dedication, perseverance, dedication, vision, determination and a lot of money! This Teen Sailing Team has to keep their equipment in prime competitive condition, replace consumable items (such as sails) pay for individual coaching, maintain their highest level of physical and mental conditioning with Olympic level trainers and travel to over ten International venues to compete against the world's top athletes in their sport.

All within the next ten months!

For two high school students, this is next to impossible, but David will let nothing get in the way of their success. They have Olympic Gold in their sights and they are going to do whatever it takes to get to the Rio Games and come home with Gold!


On December 26th, David is hosting a fundraiser at Shake A Leg Miami. Located in the heart of the competitive sailing venue of Coconut Grove and directly in front of Biscane Bay, David will be presenting to the participants of the second largest youth regatta in the entire WORLD, the Orange Bowl Youth Regatta with racing beginning on the 27th of December!

With thousands of participants sailing in classes including Optimist, C420, Laser (Full, Radial and 4.7), I420, F16 Multihull and Windsurfers, the Orange Bowl Regatta attracts sailors from around the globe to compete in Miami each year. Katie and David will hold their fundraiser the evening before the racing begins and will be in front of some of the world's top youth sailors, talking about their experience sailing an Olympic Campaign and the opportunities for other youth to push beyond the current paradigm and fight to be the best they can be both in sport and in life overall!

As part of the event, David will be showcasing products and services from leading companies, and will be raffling and auctioning items to raise awareness and build funding for their Olympic efforts. YOUR COMPANY CAN SUPPORT THE EFFORTS by simply donating your products (or services) to be publicly displayed and awarded at their fundraiser on the 26th of December. It is an opportunity for you to be part of the Teen Sailing Teams development and gain exposure for your products. It's an opportunity for your company to be a critical part of their path to Olympic Gold!

Donating is simple, and can be tax deductible (depending on value) through the teams supporting non-profit organization! Help David win and donate products to the fundraiser today! Call David directly at 216-210-3598, or send him a message through their Twitter @FollowMeToRio

You can also contact David through the blog at

Please help and support David Hein in the efforts to become the youngest members of the US Olympic Sailing Team in 2016? Ask your company to make a donation of services or products for the fundraiser today.