Sent back to 20,000 b.c./return to future-Dylan M.

The sun was extremely hot and showed a visible blur on your surroundings. I saw nothing, until I was walking around examining things and flipped up a rock and saw thousands of organisms living under it. It was as if what I was standing on and looking at what was upside down from other organisms view. I saw a cave and went to it slowly creeping upon it I saw a fire and two bent over men like shadows with thin, dirty skin over them. I figured they were cave men, so I slowly walked to them and let them check me out so they knew I wasn't of any danger to them. After a long time, I learned their language and started to eat and act like them.

I told them different survival skills I knew from the future and they showed me the way they survived. I had to slowly start eating the way they did, because they would sometimes eat rocks and branches. When we went hunting, I showed them how to skin animals for more food and clothing. They appreciated my presence as I appreciated their's, so we all got along great. After many many years, it occurred to me, why haven't I been searching for a way back to the future? After I thought about it one night, I thought if i told them and taught them everything I know from the future, then would we have a better chance in the world in the future?

So the next morning I taught the cave men numbers, other languages, letters, the alphabet, etc. The more I taught them the more I remembered my old life and missed it a lot. I gathered everything I knew and everything they showed me in hard, but mushy sand out side the cave. It just clicked, I can use knowledge from both eras to create a time machine if i can find the correct tools to do so. I used branches, rocks, bones, knives, arrow heads, and animal skin. I also used metal objects to conduct the electricity needed for the plan. It worked and I got to come home.

When I went back to the future, the world had changed so much that I didn't know where to look for information. Buildings were made of neon, liquids inside a clear solid brick and they were way above the clouds, but it had certain technology that made it so you could stay up there without having problems with your ears. Everything was extraordinarly different and super high tech. The only thing I thought of was that teaching those two cave men really gave the future world more advantages and a huge leap forward.