A Spa in Your Skinny Jeans?

We know that a good fit can enhance your derrière, but can your denim clear up cellulite too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your jeans could smooth away your cellulite woes? One denim designer is claiming their new skinny-fit jeans can do just that—moisturize, smooth and keep those lumps and bumps at bay with a few infused skin-hydrating ingredients. Meet Wrangler’s Denim Spa line of jeans. (Yes, Wrangler... even cowgirls get cellulite!) But can a pair of jeans really do all that? Let’s take a closer look...

According to a recent British Vogue article, Wrangler's Denim Spa jeans come in three skin smoothing types:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive Extract
  • “Smooth Legs,” for it’s cellulite fighting strength

However, one Huffington Post writer points out that to get results from a pair of jeans, you may have to wear them for days and hours that mirror a full time job for weeks. (Suddenly those jeans go from appeal to appalling... yuck!)

But if you’re happy with just a little moisture boost, well, maybe these Wranglers are for you. From plant and nut oil and butters to caffeine and retinol, these moisturizing jeans leave model Lizzie Jagger with legs that feel “great” and “more silky than usual,” she told Vogue UK. Of course, this begs the question of how it all works. Apparently, these ingredients are embedded into the denim’s fabric within microcapsules. Put the jeans on and the capsules release the ingredients into your skin.

Just how long they last? Up to 15 days, with a refill option for somewhere between 67 and 95 times you wear the jeans.

Hmmm. A little Bliss Body Butter and the anti-cellulite power of Cellulaze are sounding pretty darn appealing to this beauty blogger. I say leave the jeans to covering up, not curing, your skin issues.

Eliza D.

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