Confederate Generals

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The 9 Confederate

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee:

        Born on January 18th, 1807 and he was born in Standford Hall, VA. Lee was married to Mary Anna Curtis Lee. He died on October 12th, 1870, he died from having  pneumonia but he did died peacefully in his house.

Robert E. Lee never really liked slavery, but he did not know what to do about it. He owned slaves though, they were his father's slaves.

At the age of 18, he was enrolled at West point Military Academy, where he put most of his determination into. He was one of the six cadets in his graduating year/class who finished without a single dermic, and wrapped up his studies with perfect scores in artillery, and infantry.

Robert E. Lee was in the Mexican American War before the Civil War. His role in the Mexican American War was to help Major General Winfield Scott find ways around Mexican strong points or to capture them which was known as Harpers Ferry Raid.

Before the Mexican War, Lee served on engineering projects. During the war he served on, the staffs of John Wool and Winfield Scott. He served with his regiment, and lead the marines in 1859.

There was three battles that Robert E. Lee was apart of. The first battle was the Fredericksburg battle. This battle was an Burnside unsuccessful attempt to more than the South to launch an attack against the Southern capital at Richmond resulted in an overwhelming defeat. The next battle he was involved in was the Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg was evident at the time of the colossal three-day clash across hills and fields in the rural area of Pennsylvania, in July 1863. But in significance of Gettysburg the battle increased as the time pasted by. The last one was the Battle of Antietam. This battle forced the confederate army to retreat back across the Potomac River. President Abraham  Lincoln saw the significance of this and issued the famous Emancipation of Proclamation on September 22, 1862.

No CSA medals were awarded to General Robert E. Lee there were very few CSA medals awarded to anyone. Worth of awards and medals from the CSA he probably earned medals during his impeccable career in the US army instead of during his service in the Confederate States army.

Their army surrendered , then they returned to home to face their uncertain futures. People today see Robert E. Lee as a good leader, but he was traitor to the union. He was a strong man and was believed to make the best decisions for the Confederate army.

5 Facts:

-He had a horse named Jeff Davis

-He had three boys and three girls

-His nickname was Bobby Lee & The Old Man

-He was actually a faithful christian

-He had a favorite hymn, and that was also sung at his funeral.

What was his horse name?

How many kids did he have?

What was his wife's name?

J.E.B. Stuart

J.E.B. Stuart:

        Born on February 6,1833. He was born in Patrick Country, Virginia. His full name was James Ewell Brown Stuart but his friends and fellow servicemen knew him as Jeb. His great grandfather commanded a regiment in the Revolutionary War. His father fought in the War of 1812 before serving as a Commonwealth and U.S Representative.

J.E.B Stuart died May 12, 1864. He died the day after the Battle of Yellow Tavern. Stuart did not have a view on slavery. He was a United States Army officer .From the U.S. Stuart was in the Battle of Yellow Tavern. He was a U.S. Army Officer. Becoming a U.S Army Officer was the first thing he was.

The battles that he fought in were: Battle of Yellow Tavern, Battle of Gettysburg, and the Battle of Brandy Station. J.E.B Stuart did not receive any medals. During the Battle of Yellow Tavern, he was mortally wounded and eventually died the next day. J.E.B Stuart today, is known as a brave war hero. He was good.       

5 facts

-He came from an acclaimed military lineage.

-He was involved with several Indian conflicts.

-He began commanding all the cavalry brigades for the Army of Northern Virginia.

James Longstreet

James Longstreet

        Born on January 8th, 1821 in Enfield county, South Carolina. James Longstreet was never married to anyone. He died on January 2nd, 1904, in Gainesville, GA. James Longstreet was for slavery, he wanted slavery to happened.

He attended United States Military Academy and he had a professional training. He was in a previous war named the Battle of wilderness. His part of this battle was that he was the General of this battle. His job before the war started was that he was a cadet in the military.

There was five battles that he majored in. The five battles that he was in was the First and Second bull run, Antinem battle, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Chickamauga. He did not receive any medals, he died after being wounded. He was seen as being a Confederate soldier, fighting for the south, he was a bad person.

5 facts:

-Wounded and died after the battle of the wilderness

-Went to academy with Ulysses S. Grant & George Pickett

-Finished 54th in his class

-Robert Lee's most trusted subordinates

-He died at the age of 82

A.P. Hill

A.P. Hill

        Born on November 29 , 1825 and was born in Culpeper, Virginia. He was married with three different woman. These ladies names are Emma Wilson, Ellen Mary, Morgan McClung. He had 4 kids which was all girls and all the girl was from Morgan clung they were married to each other.

He died on April 2 , 1865 . He was taking his solider too war. He was riding in a wagon and was randomly shot by a union solider. Hill has never liked/approved of slavery. Also he has never owned a slave. Hill thought that it was bad to own a slave. The reason that he thought this was because he said that people was to be treated as people not like wild animals.

He graduated 15th out of the 38 that graduated in the United States Military Academy in 1847. After graduation he served with an artillery unit during the Mexican-American War as well as the Seminole war. He then resigned from the united states army and he became a colonel of the 13th Virginia. Commanding a unit at the battle of first Manassas.

He was in one other war. That was the Mexican-American War. His role in that war was the he was a general. He did have professional training and he was in the military.

On March 1, with the Civil War coming upHill resigned his commission in the US Army. When Virginia left the Union the following month, Hill received command of the 13th Virginia Infantry with the rank of colonel. Assigned to Brigadier General Joseph Johnston's Army of the Shenandoah, the regiment fought well at the First Battle of Bull Run that July. After service in the Romney Campaign, Hill received a promotion to brigadier general on February 26, 1862, and was given command of the brigade formerly belonging to Major General James Longstreet.

Hill did not receive no medals. He was still in the war till after he died. He was remember in history as a good person to some and too others not so well.

5 facts:

-He didn’t approve of slavery

-He was married 3 times

-He had three kids

-He was in CHARGE

-He was a kind and sweet person

George Pickett

George Pickett

        Born on January 16, 1825 in Richmond Virginia. George was born in a family of eight with his mother and father Mary and Robert Pickett. His cousin was future confederate general Henry Heth. He died on July 30, 1875. Pickett died of liver abscess weather it was amoebic or bacterial was not sure. More than 40,000 people lined the funeral route while another 5,000 marched in the funeral procession.

Despite his personal detestation of the institution of slavery. Pickett journeyed from Oregon to serve his state. Pickett entered the military academy at the age of seventeen but but didn't gain recognition until he was second lieutenant in the Mexican American war in 1849. In 1849 he became first lieutenant and then to captain in 1853. Also he was in three major wars the three wars included the Mexican American war, The Pig War, Five Forks, and the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Before the civil war he was still in the military rising through the ranks. He was in three other battles and they are the Battle of Gettysburg, The Pig War, and the Five Forks. George Pickett did not receive any medals.

5 facts:

-Fearing that former U.S. Army officers who worked for the confederacy would be arrested and executed, Fled to Canada, then returned in 1866 working as an insurance agent in Norfolk, Virginia.

-Today he is widely perceived as being a tragic hero of sorts - a flamboyant officer who wanted to lead his troops into glaciers battle but always missed a chance until the disastrous change at Gettysburg

-At his funeral did not take place at a burial site the location is not clear

-Legend has it, Pickett's West Point appointment was secured for him by Abraham Lincoln.

-Pickett was popular as a cadet, he was Mischievous and player of pranks.

-In the blood bath of Pickett's charge Pickett remained unscathed.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

        žBorn on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, West Virginia. žHe had a first wife by the name of Elinor Junkin, She died shortly after giving birth to her son. He also had a second wife, Mary Anna Morrison. She had a daughter, her daughters name was Julia Laura. Julia was the only Jackson child that reached her childhood.

žThomas Jackson died in battle. The battle that he died in was the Battle of Chancellorsville, in the state of Virginia. Jackson lost his left arm in battle. It eventually turned in to sickness/Pneumonia.

žNo one knows how he felt about slavery. žThere was six individuals that lived in the house but his was his father's. žJackson actually has a military background includes different brevet(A warrant), temporary, and permanent appointments in no less than five military businesses.

žThe school that he went to was United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. žStonewall Jackson was in two different wars. He was in the Mexican War. žJackson was issued official military orders on July 22,1846 making him the company of the U.S. Artillery.

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was actually a skilled military tactician, and he resigned his military commission and accepted a teaching position in Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. žHe was included in a lot of battles including the following: Battle of Bull Run, where he got his nickname Stonewall, Antietam, the bloodiest day in America, and the last one was Fredericksburg, it was one of the greatest confederate victories.

Since “Stonewall” Jackson was a Confederate soldier he did not receive a medal. Confederates did not receive medals. Unfortunately, Jackson died near the end of the war, so Jackson didn’t have a life or anything after the war. People see him as a good/bad man. Many people have their own opinions. Some of them liked him some of them didn’t.

5 facts:

ž-His lost him arm in battle

ž-He was a widowed man

ž-He had a wife that died giving birth

žž-Had 6 individuals living in the same house

-žHe was in more than one battle.

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest

        Born in July 13, 1821 in Bedford County, Tennessee. His parents names was William Forrest and Mariam Forrest. William was a blacksmith, and Mariam was a house wife. Nathan was the oldest child out of  his twelve siblings.

In 1845 , Nathan married a women named Mary Ann Montgomery. They had a son which was named William Montgomery Bedford, and a daughter which is named Fanny A. Their daughter died at the age 5. Nathaniel Forrest died on October 29, 1877 in Memphis, Tennessee. He died from diabetes after the Civil War.

Nathan was a slave trader and he brought slaves. When he sold the slaves , he never split the family apart and he never sold his slaves to a cruel master. Most slaves pleaded for Forrest to buy them because they knew he was decent owner. Forrest was not against slavery because he was a slave owner but he treated his slaves with respect.

Nathan volunteered as private in the Confederate Army on June 14 1861. He was the most feared Commander Offices in the Civil War. His first combat occurred at Sacramento Kentucky in December 1861. Nathaniel was a planter , and a slave owner of a Stagecoach Company. In 1852 he was elected a Memphis alderman. By the end of 1860, he owned two cotton plantations.

There was three main battles and they were the Fort Pillow, Shiloh, Fort Donelson. The Fort Pillow battle is important because it was the most controversial events of the Civil War. Fort Pillow over looked the Mississippi River and was an important part of of the Confederate river defense system. Also the battle Shiloh  is important because it was the bloodiest Civil War battle in US history. The Union victory gave Tennessee to the North. The last battle is Fort Donelson it is also important because it was a key gateway to the Confederacy. It gave the Union one of the first major victories of the Civil War.

He was a Colonel in February 1862, a Brigadier General in July 21, 1862, a Major General in December 4, 1863 and a Lieutenant General in 1865. In May 1866, Nathan became “ The Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. He was a leader in the organization but because of the violence towards African Americans , he then left the group in 1869. He returned back to his business in Memphis , Tennessee and remained there until his death.

Nathan Bedford Forrest, was a Confederate General and was apart of the American Civil War. He was the most successful Generals. Soldiers are now studying his tactics of mobile warfare. He was the very first Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan

5 facts

-Nathan respected his slaves and didn’t split them up, when he sold them.

-Nathan was not against African Americans

-Nathan was apart of the American Civil War

-Nathan was elected as Memphis City Alderman/Mayor

-He was one of the richest men in the South


1.) Was Robert E. Lee a married or a widowed person? Married

2.) What was the cause of his death? Pneumonia

3.) He was apart of which battles? Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Antietam

4.) What was J.E.B. Stuart’s full name? James Ewell Brown Stuart

5.) J.E.B. Stuart died after which battle? Battle of Yellow Tavern

6.) He received how many metals? No

7.) Where did Longstreet die? Gainesville, GA

8.) What was Longstreet in the military? Cadet

9.) How many women did A.P. Hill marry? 3

10.) Out of the 38 people that graduated in the USMA he graduated what place? 15th

11.) A.P. Hill served with an artillery unit in which war? Mexican-American War

12.) Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson had a wife that died after having her son, what was her name? Elinor Junkin

13.) He was a skilled military _______? Tactician

14.) Nathaniel Forrest's son was named what? William Montgomery Bedford

15.)He remained in Tennessee at his business until his ___________? Death

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