Narrative Poem, - Howard 6. November 4, 2013

Taylor with eyes that sparkle like stars in the sky .
Taylor of a christian family full of love.
Taylor whose mind often wanders to her own fairy tail world.
Is the youngest of four Neilson girls.
Plays for a select soccer team whose coach is her dad.
Races mini sprints on a dirt track as if she was famous.
Texts too much and gets into trouble to were she uses all her data.
Lives in the great state of Texas.
Eats practically as much as a pig in a sloppy mud pit.

Taylor loves watching scary movies on stormy nights.
Hates going shopping cause its a waste of my time.
Lazy as if she had nothing to do in life.
Because she is the spoiled baby in the family and gets away with everything.

Taylor inside, the heart of a fighter.
Inside a house full of weirdos.
Inside is the voice that wants to be heard.
Is wiser than her 13 years.
Smiles to hide all the pain she has been through.
Runs not with her legs but with her mind.
Late in the morning which puts a damper on the rest of the day.
Talks to everyone to brighten everyone's day.
Trying to stand out as her own person instead of blending in the shadows of her older sisters.

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