The Cream Bot on URANUS
Haley Cagle

                                                                   What is a Cream Bot?

My name is Haley Cagle, and I am the creator of the Cream Bot. The Cream Bot is a robot that makes ice cream. The robot is made of rocks that are super iced together, and the ice cream is made out of ice. I made the Cream Bot because it can help make ice cream using all of the ice on Uranus. The best part about the Cream Bot is it makes any flavor of ice cream. The robot makes it easier to make ice cream, which people crave when they live on  icy Uranus. If you want to learn more you can contact me!

                                       What are the prices for the Cream Bot?

                            buyer price:$50                                                rent price:$10

Contact me for rent times!!!!

                                                           Why should you buy my product?

I have a product that i made and it is called the Cream Bot. The Cream Bot is the coolest, yummiest and cheapest robot ever! I am the first person to create the Cream Bot. So, you can be the first to buy it! Who would not love a robot that makes ice cream? It is so cool to see how the Cream Bot works! It is the yummiest because it can make any flavor and color of ice cream you want. Finally, it is the cheapest robot out there because it is only $50!!!! What is just $50,  rolls around, talks, and makes ice cream? The Cream Bot!!!!!! Also, if you want to rent it, it will be even cheaper!! I hope I see you to be the first to buy (or rent) it today!!! :)

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