Magnesium (Mg)

Atomic Mass: 24.31

Atomic Number: 12

Protons: 12


Neutrons: 12


Magnesium is used in fireworks and flares, it's  so pretty, it will make you stop and stare!

Cost: $0.50 per gram

Uses: Magnesium is used in flares, pyrotechnics and incendiary bombs and was used in flash bulbs. Provides lightweight frames for bicycles, car seats and luggage.


1. At the center of every chlorophyll molecule, in every green plant, there is a magnesium ion.

2. Magnesium is one of the two dozen or so elements that are essential for life. Magnesium is vital in for the human metabolism, and needed for over 300 biochemical reactions.

Created by: Joseph Black in 1755

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