How will Robots help us In the future?

Robots know are mainly used in factories. But there are some robots that are being tested and used to helps us do everyday things.We are decades away from a world with robots doing stuff for us, like cooking,cleaning, Etc..... .If we get to the part were we know how to control the robots and use them correctly it could change the world.And even though we are still years away,we can dream.

Where are we know with robots now?

We are still developing robots and getting closer everyday.The picture above is a robot cheetah, its a replica robot of the cheetah in the real world. The cheetah might look kind of weird but again we are still developing them. we are still decades away from robot servent ,but were getting closer everyday.

Who made the first robot?

The first known robot was made around 400bc.It was Archytas who made it, It was a wooden pigeon that used steam to move.The pigeon could only fly about 200 meters  which made Archytas experiment not just the first robot, but the first recorded flight in history. Archytas was also philosopher, mathematician, astronomer,commander, statesman, and strategist.And thats who created the first robot.

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