Creative Writing 2.0

How your kids will be using tech to tell their stories.

In my 12th grade creative writing class this year, under my instruction, your kids will be taking advantage of some technologies that I think can really help them flourish.

First we will be using Google Drive. Through google drive, your children will be able to collaborate without the hassle of arranging a time and place to meet. This will encourage free flow of ideas in their group assignments, anytime anywhere.

Secondly we will be using dropbox to submit assignments. Not only will this save you time and money on printing but this will make getting critiques back faster than ever so that your student will have more time to improve their writing skills.

Finally we will be using Evernote. This tool will allow your students to have a digital binder, accessible anywhere, anytime on all of their devices. With built in to-do list functionality I believe Evernote will be a key attribute to your child's success.

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