give a helping hand

By, Will B.

When you give a hand you will receive one for you're self.

You will get happiness rather than pain. The world need to have more people like him.

There was a camera he was there to show that the world needs more people like him to help out. Every day he was there to help out and got a girl education, hunger of a dog is gone, and helped the plant grow.

The cameras where hidden and like the first video people showed the world that it is ready for the good people and that just because there are cameras does not mean that they do it for the fame and glory. In this video proves that the world is ready for good in the world.

I made people feel great by being me. SSP helped with this too. Secret Service Project (SSP) I helped my family and now I'm in the habit of helping with trash, camper, and cleaning. I helped my mom at the campsite by taking trash and getting the camper set for leaving. The trip back was tiring but we had fun by jokes and games.  

I also helped my dad by fixing the camper and tidying up the camper's closets, beds, and the kitchen area. It is fun and makes you feel amazing to help but, you most likely wont get something in return. To me having fun is what you will get in return. No money will make the happiness of what has already happened. To be nice to others can help you to. Like the time I helped with my brothers homework I learned some history about Alabama but, I forget easily.

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