Japanese Whaling Ships

Japanese whaling ships kills so many whales a year. Some are actually going extinct because of it.

Whale Hunting

Japanese Whaler's kill whales illegally but. Australia is letting them do it because the Japanese say they are doing it for research and. Most people believe that but if you look at the evidence you will see that Japan is overflowing with Whale meat.

The Whale Sancutary

The Whale Sanctuary is a place that whales go to so they can eat plankton and breed basically and. Australia made a law that no one can kill whales in the whale sanctuary unless it is for science then you can kill a limited amount of whales.

The Japanese Fleet

The Japanese ship has four ships. Two ships are the ships that kills the whales. Then there is a ship that takes the whales corpses. Then another ship refuels all the other ships.

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