5 tips for Internet safty

by Maria Garcia Bajan

Tip #1: Only chat with people you know in real life. Because on the internet people lie about themselves. When your going to talk to someone on the internet you know it's really them instead of a stranger.

Tip #2:  If someone is Cyber bulling you tell your parents. If you tell them ,they will help you solve this problem.  Your parents will know what to do.

Tip #3: Block mean people online. If you block them they will never be able to bother you. Blocking them means no more mean texts.

Tip #4: Don't post something you'll regret. Anybody can see your pictures even teachers! If they see something bad you will get in trouble.

#5: Think about what your going to type. If it is mean it could hurt someone. If you type something mean you'll be a online bully.

Follow these rules and be online safe! :^)

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