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Name: Jayde

Directions: Create your own avatar by clicking the button below. Save your avatar to your computer and upload it to this Tackk. Then write a short story about what your avatar does on his or her weekend off from school. The story should be at least three paragraphs long.

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attilys concert day

On the weekend Nattily went to a Katy Perry and Taylor Swift concert. She had lots of fun at the concert. She got two free t –shirts one with Katy Perry and the other one with Taylor Swift. She bought a program with a big poster of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry both singing on stage together.

Before the concert she bought a snack. She got a hot dog, hot chips and a SOLO. After she bought the food she went to find her seat inside of the Etihad football stadium. She had great seats. Her seats were right in front of the stage.

After finishing her food she got up and wet backstage to do her meet a great VIP pass. She got a two free t-shirts one from Katy Perry and the other one was rom Taylor Swift. They both had their signatures on the. Then she went and bought a program.

Finally the concert started she quickly ran to her seat and watched the concert. She loved the whole entire concert. She said that she would do anything to see it again.

She had a wonderful time at the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift concert. Her favourite part was when they both were singing ‘Shake It Off’. She was very tired the next day so she slept in until 12:00 pm.

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