Civil War Journal

From: John Sherman Truth

                                                                 Who I am

Journal Entry #1

My name is John Sherman Truth,  I am 21 and live in New York, New York. My occupation is black smithing and I have a wife and two son. Now that I have joined the Union side I have been able to uphold my promise to eradicate slavery. My rank is a private though I wish to become a general eventually. For now I haven't fought any battles and my life is at a stand still until i have to fight in my first battle. I also have a wife (Samantha) and two young boys (The older one is billy and the younger one is charlie).

Journal Entry #2

Civil war talk:


I t’was at da out post yesternight and a saws a Grayback sceedadling along his own way.


I was waiting on my camp and my breadbasket and i was fit to be tied i was putting hornets on my rifle.


Well mabye ye should skedatle on over to da fresh fish an ascs dem for some amo


i will cause there’s some Graybacks about deas here parts


Well don’t act tall hard case cause we taint fightn jes yet.


i know possum i am fit to be tied.

Journal Entry #3

                                                                Letter home

Dear family,

I have been very home sick sense I left and I wish that I could come and visit.  Yesterday I slipped out of my tent around lunch time and headed to the boarder of camp. Using my handwriting I was able to forge a letter that looked like Officer Wriggly C. Stamplebottom had written it. After handing it in for a pass I was out on the field were a group of confederates were spotted the night before. As soon as I got to the fence I puked. Dead bodies were everywhere! As I stumble back into camp I was grabbed and forced to were a barrel for the rest of the week for sneaking out. I will never again go poking my nose around, and the barrel isn't the reason!

Saturday, September 29 the feild of the dead confederates.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Saturday, September 29, 2012 - See more at:
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In the morning I always wake up to my regiment sitting around cramped little tables waiting for breakfast and complaing (as usual).

Men sitting around a table. American Civil War Wallpapers. Military Desktop

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Journal Entry #4

                                                         Interview questions

How will Jeremiah and the Union troops, some of whom are African American, react to slaves they meet?

The Union soldiers would tell the slaves of the war, how things are going, and try to help the slaves out best they could.

How do hungry troops treat southern farmers?

Some would steal food while others will refuse if they weren't offered any.

Will Jeremiah ever know what happened to his brother?

He probably will never know what happened to his brother.

Journal Entry #5

                                                           Civil war song

   The Battles

           Thunder comes a rumbling through the trees and leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaves, the storm of the soldiers boots a frightening thiiiiiiing,

        rebels are stirred up to grab all their guns, and get shot and sent to the groooooound, the ground, the ground.----

         If all we saw was want we wanted then all weed see was people, and adventures far and wide...

         but what we realize now is that we have no other choooooooooice!, We have no other choice, we have no other choice, but-to-fight!

Journal Entry # 6

                                                              Passing time

After fighting for days on an already low amount of ammunition we ran out and were forced to fight with our fists which were as good a weapon as any.

When not in battle I devise ways for if I wanted to escape. I look for broken fences, a shortage of guards, a blind spot, etc. I never do intend to use these but it does help me take my mind off the maggots in my food. Just the other day I pulled out a hardtack from my pocket to find a beetle happily munching away. I told it that I envied it sense it could eat the food that I couldn't. I then realized that I was talking to a bug...

Journal Entry#7

Disease and wounds incountered

I faced off with my fellow soldier in a battle of cards over three days of rations. You can see here who will be eating well tonight.

I have lost three close comrades of mine to diseases. Not once has one of them ever gave up themselves to the hospital easy. They had heard what people say about it and the horrible things that are said to transpire. When they were still alive I would always stop by to see them. One day I stopped by to say hi to my good friend Sam. He had been shot in the leg by a drunken comrade. To this day I still see those big blue eyes look up at me in horror as he said "John I'm dying".

Journal Entry # 8

                                                           Coming Home ...

Here below I am being reunited with my older son billy ( he was always my favorite because he never tried to burn down the blacksmith shop with my blacksmithing gear).

When I got home after the war I was greeted by my wife and children who had baked me a nice cake. We then went to the local newspaper distribution center to see what president Lincoln had to say about the war. Sadly the newspapers ad not arrived yet. When we got home I told my family (as well as my parents who stopped by) about my adventures and even read out of this journal.

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