Name: Michael Milligan

Grade: Junior

Instruments: Tenor Saxophone/ Piano

Education: Bruton High School, Queens Lake Middle School, Magruder Elementary School

Elementary School Teacher: Mrs. Brown

Middle School Teacher: Mr. Patterson

High School Band Director: Mrs. Townsend

Piano Instructor: Mrs. Tozier

About Me: I started the piano at the age of seven, and that was my main instrument until I joined the middle school band. At that point I stopped playing piano and picked up the saxophone. By the time I had reached middle school I had heard the Middle School Jazz Band when they visited the elementary school so many times, that I knew that I had to be in the band. Having seen the band so many times I knew that the saxophone would be the one I really wanted to play. In middle school I was in the Jazz and concert bands, and now being in high school I am in the Jazz band once again along with marching, concert, and symphonic bands.

Goals and expectations: My goal is not only to provide a better knowledge and appreciation for the instrument, but to have both the student and myself grow together as better musicians. With the hope at the end of the year to have all twelve scales memorized and also have the chromatic scale memorized with the purpose of being able to increase the ability of the student.

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