DIY in the Classroom

Research suggests that young adults are motivated in school settings when they believe in their own self- efficacy, have intrinsic motivation, set goals, experience agency, and demonstrate interest (Deci & Ryan, 1985 ; Dweck, 1999 ;Pintrich & Schunk, 2002 ; Renninger, Hidi, & Krapp, 1992 )

What is DIY?

DIY- Do-it-yourself, refers to the ability to use a wide range of skill sets to create different products or projects.

Check Out These Great DIY Resources

Makerspaces in Education

What is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is a collaborative space where people have access to tools and resources to create projects and networks of others interested in similar

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How can you be a maker educator?

Check Out These Great Maker Resources

Coursera is offering a great course on "Tinkering" and how to integrate activities that inspire students to want to learn in maker environments.

Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning

Ways to integrate makerspaces in the classroom:

Tips to transform a room into a makerspace:

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